H is for Hungarian

My good friend is Hung

I have a good friend who is Hungarian, or affectionately and yes, immaturely ‘Hung’.

Needless to say, she was keen to join us for H and help us choose a restaurant.  Her original suggestion was to go to Korona, not only for the authenticity of the food but also the added bonus of Hungarian entertainment.  But considering its opening hours and location (weekends and Wantirna respectively), it was easier to go elsewhere.

We decided on Budapest in Elsternwick.

Whilst we settled in with a jug of cold beer, we noticed that the meals weren’t just regular sized meals.  They were the food equivalent of Arnie in the 80s… and given how The Terminator turned out, we decided it was best to skip the entree.

I luckily sat next to my in-the-know friend and shared with her; we had a super-schnitzel stuffed with Hungarian sausage as well as a plate of cabbage rolls – a sort of huge eastern European stuffed cabbage spring roll type thing.  The schnitzel was unnaturally enormous and essentially one animal stuffed with another animal, so no complaints there.  The cabbage rolls were quite different, sweeter than I expected and ultimately very filling.  The ‘your choice of 2 side dishes’ is a welcome feature of all the mains and I’m glad we chose the nokedli, best described as light fluffy carbohydrate delights.

The meal finished with a variety of flavours of palinka, a liquor of which it would be physically impossible to have more than a shot.  I think mine was plum, but my burning throat made it difficult to distinguish.

The food was good, but I wouldn’t be heading back there in any rush.  To be fair, it may be because we’ve been in a particularly European part of the alphabet for a while now, but it just didn’t blow me away.

The most memorable part of the meal was the size of it. I can assure you if you go, you will not leave Budapest, hungry.

Jo étvágyat (or “have a nice meal” – I believe the pronunciation changes depending on where you’re from…or who you’re eating with).

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One thought on “H is for Hungarian

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