D is for Danish

Didn’t quite hit De-mark

Apologies for the D-lay, but it seems the Danes have a kitchen that closes far before a Spanish one would ever open.  To work around their every-second-Saturday and last-orders-at-8pm opening hours was a challenge, but given the fact that no amount of googling could find us another D cuisine in Melbourne, we would not be D-feated (…that’s the end of the D jokes I promise).

DANSK Restaurant looked every bit as Danish as you would hope; white table cloths, exposed brick, light timber finishes and perhaps most importantly: a waiter to match.
The menu featured many typically Danish smørrebrød (“open sandwiches”), but the dinner selection seemed limited so we went with the Taste of Dansk – a chef’s selection for $37 a head.

It started with fried sardines and rhubarb (trust them on this one) on toast and curried herring on some very good rye bread, these were tiny but delicious, not to mention very typical.  If that wasn’t Danish enough, we also had a crisp, cold Carlsberg and a throat burning shot of aquavit…now I’m awake.

Next up was more of the rye bread – did I mention it was good? the other bread got completely ignored – and then the selection of mains.  Each of the mains were put on the table to share between the four of us.  There were some kipfler potatoes with a parsley dressing, a very nice roast beef with an unidentifiable mustard accompaniment , a chicken ‘salad’ (you don’t make friends with salad, but you do make friends with mustard mayo) and finally some fresh prawns with caviar – very light, very tasty, but just not enough of them (see below, between four).

Being a dessert person with a surprising resistance to ‘that too full feeling’ (not that it was approaching), I was looking forward to eating a dessert I’ll never be able to say:


but much to my disappointment, dessert was not included in our taste of Dansk, nor had I even come close to hitting my consumption threshold.

The food was good quality and seemed very authentic but it wasn’t that impressive.  For what ended up being $50 a head overall, I just didn’t feel like it was worth it.

Nevertheless it was a great experience and nice to be able to say goodbye to Princess Mary’s picture on the way out…twice.


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2 thoughts on “D is for Danish

  1. Marcia says:

    D-on’t! I’m little blue man-ing right now Lau! Danish might have been the worst so far but definitely the most entertaining. Cannot wait to hear about E…..


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